August 13, 2015

Over two years ago I had an idea that would make something most of us use better. Not everyone uses a belt, but for the military its a necessity. For all the military services in their day to day working uniform and in almost every dress uniform a belt is required. Withing the Special Operations community its another piece of kit. We use it as we see fit. A belt is a utility item, like so many other pieces of gear we use. Packs, gloves, radio pouches, guns, etc. I know you get the idea. Most of the time our gear is great, sometimes its acceptable. It may not be perfect, but it does the job, and we r...

August 12, 2015

Every male who wants to attain the title of being a “Man” should work on some variation of what I’m about to say. There are quite a few stories floating around social media about the evolution of dating as you get older and it seemed as though some things were a bit overblown and that in truth, should be brought out more bluntly. For everyone else, I’d like to state that because someone is older, it does not mean that they are a “Man”. I’ve met a lot of 25, 30+ year old “boys”, and amazingly met 20; 21 year olds should without a doubt be called “Men”. I believe this partial list will give insight as...

August 4, 2015



To be awesome for as long as possible in this life, you have to train. Pushing your body hard is the best feeling in the world. It releases awesome hormones that make you feel incredible right then and there. The long-term benefits are even more kick- ass.

Being deployed can have a negative effect on training…no shit right. You cant always hit the gym, but that’s not a fucking excuse. So even after a couple days of not working out I feel it. My body tells me to quit being an asshole and to fucking do something!!


Once I’ve done it, if its even just pushups and sit-ups to failure or whatever I have a...

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