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 GPM Kit


How we started


With over 20 years of military experience and half of that spent in Special Operations, I know gear. I have depended on complex multi million dollar pieces of equipment to save my life and complete the mission. But not every piece of kit costs millions of dollars. Any operator worth his salt will tell you simple is best. Thats how I invented and developed a piece of equipment that makes sense, and just flat out works. I stumbled upon the idea for this belt as I hiked the Appalachian trail, post deployment. I had on the right clothes, a good pack, and it was a great day. But as the day wore on and my pack shifted the riggers belt I wore got more annoying, no adjustment helped and I finally just resigned myself to the fact it was a bad product. As I hiked farther into the Shenandoah mountains I thought about doing it better,

and simpler. Thats what i did. The Outdoor Applications Belt and the Combat Applications Belt set the standard for comfort, reliability and a simple straightforward design that works. Whether you are on the range punching holes at 800 meters or hiking the Pacific Coast trail this is the only belt you will ever need.

Why GPM Kit?


At GPM Kit we look at the typical gear and we do it better.

The Combat Applications Belt is the first patented buckle free tactical belt. The standard rigger belt worn by the majority of the military has various issues everyone has dealt with because there weren't any alternatives.
This belt is lighter and more durable. No rusting, or loose ends to fray. It is more comfortable when worn with a ruck, or tactical gear. There isn't a buckle to get in the way and have to be shifted to the right like many people do. The belt doesn't shift at all, once its in place it isn't moving. If you lay down to shoot, there is no buckle to jam into your stomach or get caught on gear.
On the civilian side. The Outdoor Applications Belt is very similar, its lighter than the military version and has all the same benefits while backpacking or working outside. Also with no metal, no need to remove your belt during travel and slow your transition through security!

Field testing the GPM KIT Outdoor Applications Belt, and I have to say... It's the most comfortable belt I've ever worn, especially when shooting from the prone position. It handles a sidearm well, but I would recommend the Combat Applications Belt for full size pistols - it is the heavier duty Mil version of the OAB. The belt stayed stationary and didn't shift at all, even with sprinting drills and unholstering/holstering my firearm. It's easy to put on and personalize, and looks sharp, too! I give this baby a 10/10. 

-Cassandra H.

Got my belt this weekend and started wearing it regularly. This is a great product. The best part about it, other than keeping my pants up so well, is that it is absolutely unobtrusive. I actually forgot I had it on. Nice work 

-Quentin L.

I have had my belt (Outdoor Applications Belt) for about a month now. I would HIGHLY reccomend this piece of kit to anyone and everyone!!!! 
I would consider myself a multi-sport enthusiast. I have used this belt on hiking trips, biking, climbing, and everyday travel (don't need to remove it at airport!!!) 
I have no complaints. Fits well, stays snug, super light. Awesome!!
It does take a bit of getting used to, wear is unique...
Get one, you will love it!!!

                                       -Tyler T.

I recently wore my outdoor applications belt on the trail for a backpacking trip through the Andes to Machu Picchu. Day after day this was the best hiking belt - not interfering with my backpack, not twisting around, super easy to adjust and comfortable to lay on. I also wore it on travel days and it was a dream for when I needed to go through a metal detector - no metal!

                         -Catrine M.

Going casual doesn't mean you shouldn't stay classy. Looks great, easy to put on, stays put, and comfy as fu*k!

-Michael P.

Outstanding belt! I own 2 of the Combat Applications Belt and it is by far the most comfortable and well designed pieces of kit I wear. Easy ordering process and quick to ship. Great company started by a great warrior!  

                                     -Jeremy T.      


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