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GPM Kit Training


Today personal gain eclipses Collective good.

Our modern society is deeply brutalizing to the human spirit. We have become an anti Human Society we dont build bonds with each other as we did when we were a tribal Society 

The vast majority of us don't have to kill or grow our own food, build our own dwellings or defend ourselves against wild animals or enemies, we have a loss of human skills. GPM Training will restore those skills and help you build those bonds.


Our training programs are unique in that we provide an all inclusive environment for learning. We provide all lodging, food, training and various extras. Our courses change locations and provide the user with an exciting, enlightening and unique experience that will leave you better prepared to navigate and thrive in the world.

Survival Urban/Rural

Land Navigation


Fire Craft

Game Skinning

Water Procurement

Food Procurement

Restraint Defeat/

Lock Picking

Situational Awarness on

Overseas Travel


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