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Train and Train Hard

To be awesome for as long as possible in this life, you have to train. Pushing your body hard is the best feeling in the world. It releases awesome hormones that make you feel incredible right then and there. The long-term benefits are even more kick- ass.

Being deployed can have a negative effect on training…no shit right. You cant always hit the gym, but that’s not a fucking excuse. So even after a couple days of not working out I feel it. My body tells me to quit being an asshole and to fucking do something!!

Once I’ve done it, if its even just pushups and sit-ups to failure or whatever I have available, I feel amazing, like the real me has come back. It eases stress and makes my problems more mentally manageable.

Its an amazing feeling, training has infinite benefits. If you don’t believe me, look around you at the people you know who don’t train. The fatties who look like four hundred pounds of chewed bubble gum. They wanted to indulge when they were healthy and young, and as they age they are fucking paying for it.

People like to say I don’t have time to train. Fine, screw it don’t workout. All that time you gain now not training, I promise you, you will lose all that time in 10-15 years when you are treating your type 2 diabetes, your heart disease, and all the other bullshit your suffering from that was avoidable because you “didn’t have time to workout.” That gained time will be spent in the doctor’s office, waiting in line for your prescriptions, and in the hospital getting your arteries unblocked.

Training does so much more than make you physically healthy. If you have children you are passing those values onto your children. They see you, that alone makes them want to emulate what your doing. That’s nature. How do you think lion cubs learn to hunt? By watching the adults, that’s how.

Training teaches you sacrifice, the value of hard work and discipline.

Training guides you in the direction of something greater.

So get the hell out there. Never Quit.

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