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Our Nations Choice

The day begins. You may be waking up, drinking your coffee, eating breakfast and heading off to work. It doesn't matter if your commute requires a walk to the bus, the subway, or just to your driveway to hop in your car and go. This nations sons and daughters are in harms way overseas. It doesn't matter if they work in an intel shop, or armory, or they are boarding a helo for an early morning cordon and search. They are in harms way at their nations request. Not at theirs, our nation decided, voted, and chose to fund the war going on far from Americas shores. So as a nation its time for everyone to take responsibility for our choices. This war is not the responsibility of the Soldier, Sailor, Airman, or Marine who fights. This country needs to dig deep and start accepting the choices we made, and as a nation take care of those that carried out your wishes.

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