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Taking the leap

Over two years ago I had an idea that would make something most of us use better. Not everyone uses a belt, but for the military its a necessity. For all the military services in their day to day working uniform and in almost every dress uniform a belt is required. Withing the Special Operations community its another piece of kit. We use it as we see fit. A belt is a utility item, like so many other pieces of gear we use. Packs, gloves, radio pouches, guns, etc. I know you get the idea. Most of the time our gear is great, sometimes its acceptable. It may not be perfect, but it does the job, and we roll with it. The belt most guys wear day to day and for training and operations is generally that. Its acceptable. Yes, our belts weren't our guns, or packs, or wetsuits. Its not really a sexy item. So again, everyone just went along with the status quo.

Well, after a few days in the mountains, and having to suffer with a typical rigger belt I said no more. I didnt know what It would take but I knew I could do something better. Or at least I hoped. So when I got home and had the time I went through my garage and started pulling out webbing and other odds and ends and tried to make something work. Lots of trial and error later...and I do mean error, I had something. I had a working prototype of what's on this page today. I wore it a lot. I jumped with it, I worked in the surf zone with it. I rode Zodiacs, and patrolled through swamps. I built more, gave them to teammates. Snipers, Army SF, Foreign SOF, Marine Itel, adventure and endurance racers. I didnt care. I wanted feedback, I wanted to see what needed to change. What came out the other side of this process was a unique piece of kit.

Now what would I do with it. I decided to take the leap. I would turn this into a business. I felt that I wasn't repackaging what many sites sell. I had a unique product that would be an advantage to many people. I knew I had to protect myself, so I had to patent this invention. I had some help from good friends who did so much to help negotiate the patent process...which was more difficult than I had anticipated. When it was over, almost a year later I held a design patent and was ready to become a businessman.

The rest of this story has yet to be written.

I have had such incredible feedback from all of my customers up to this point. Its been very vindicating, knowing I made the right choice.

I have another product in the works, and more good things from this company. My promise is that what I build will be unique, and well made. So please keep checking back with us as this company grows and makes great American made gear.

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